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iSecure Kits

A breakthrough in affordable, all-inclusive cellular alarm systems! 3 professional kits that offer both better, faster & more economically than ever with new all-inclusive, iSecure Systems.

5-Ways iSecure Can Make Residential Accounts More Rewarding Again

1. Lowest Equipment Cost
2. Easiest Installation
3. Fastest Programming from smartphone/tablet
4. Add RMR Accounts Faster
5. Get Quickest Payback & Return on Investment

Invid Converters

The INVID-IPOVERCOAX: IP Over Coax Passive Converters feature ethernet & power transmission over coaxial cable with no power adapter required up to 2,000ft. Check out the spec sheet by clicking here.


We are pleased to announce the launch of the new IMPASSA Dual-Path LTE/IP Communicator (TL8055LTVZ) with a Verizon SIM card and built-in Z-Wave Plus and Image Sensor technology.

Several cellular carriers have already announced their plans to sunset their 2G/3G networks between 2019-2022. While that may still seem far away, existing installations are already experiencing connectivity challenges across the country as carriers begin network modifications in preparation for the sunset.

In comparison, LTE networks are seeing continued improvements with most carriers having LTE coverage the same or better than their legacy networks. By adopting the IMPASSA Dual Path LTE/IP Communicator today, you can offer your customers peace of mind that their connectivity will remain in place for years to come. The IMPASSA Dual Path LTE/IP Communicator can also be proactively offered to existing customers as part of regularly scheduled service calls to increase the longevity of the installation while also reducing your future truck rolls.

Napco iBridge

Open new doors to RMR with the salable service that starts at the front door. New iBridge Video Doorbell lets your accounts know who’s at the door & speak to them, even when they are no where near home. Anytime the aim-able motion-activated sensor detects movement in the door area or, if the door bell button is pressed, iBridge Video Doorbell’s HD 1080P 1.3MP camera automatically captures and sends out live video, to the account’s smartphone as a text message, via SMS/MMS. Then, the homeowner has the option of viewing the embedded video on the spot, hanging up or pressing to talk to the person they’re looking at live, via two-way audio.

Video is archived on a smartphone. Consumers get a text and video that someone’s at the door. They simply press “accept” to talk (2-ways), or “hang up” to disconnect or “mute” to just watch. Ideal for watching for deliveries, guest-screening & more. Video can also be archived!