Our History

Established in 1977 the Security Supply concept, a wholesale distributor for the low voltage/alarm contractor, was a fairly new one. Dick Olive along with his partner Rick Gentile began to serve the product needs of the areas alarm contractors.

As the company grew they became known for diverse product selection along with a unique service set. Security Supply became known as source for knowledge when a contractor was in a jam or experiencing a problem on a project and needed technical support. Security Supply eventually was providing support to their customer base by offering on site technicians to help program, design and provide product application support for the alarm and cctv lines they supported.

The company further grew its product offering and service set with the addition of fire products. The fire products offering allowed Security Supply to service a new customer group as well, the electrical contractors. The unique service set that Security Supply became known for became more desirable to contractor as the alarm industry made and industry wide shift to wireless technologies. This industry shift was a time where contractors struggled to adapt to a complete technological shift in products they used every day, Security Supply provided crucial support to many during this period.

Security Supply with decades of experience providing a wide product offering along with application support, design services and more has become a key supplier to industry contractors around the country and is ready to serve you.