Fire Alarm

Grilling Season and the Risk of More Fires U.S. Home Fires Involving Grills

According to reports put out by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the amount of home structure and outdoor fires involving grills (which include hibachis or barbecues) has been on the rise. Since the increase, it goes hand and hand that the direct property damage caused by fires involving grills is also on the rise. … Continue reading
Work Site / Job Site Tips

Protecting Yourself on The Job Site During Flu Season

Here are a few tips to consider for protecting yourself and others while working on the job site during flu season. These tips don’t guarantee you won’t get sick, but they do reduce your chances and create a healthier work environment for everyone. Start practicing these things regularly year-round for them to become routine, turn … Continue reading
Fire Alarm

Nearly 40% of Christmas Tree Home Fires Occur in January

The gifts have been opened, the ornaments are starting to sag, and the fallen pine needles are multiplying daily. These are clear signs that it’s time to remove the Christmas tree and other holiday decorations from your home. The longer they’re in your home, the more they dry out, making them a significant fire hazard. … Continue reading
General Security Systems System Integration and Web-based Applications Vape Detectors

Schools Need to be on Alert (and be Alerted) as Vaping Reaches Three Million Students – Part III

Unfortunately, this is where some schools have blurred the line between security and invasion of privacy. Recently an Alabama principal made headlines after he ordered the removal of the doors in several of his school’s bathroom stalls. In that Alabama case, the doors were put back in one week later after parents issued concerns about … Continue reading
General Security Systems System Integration and Web-based Applications Vape Detectors


Ways to track vaping in school restrooms has increased dramatically over the years as more and more companies are creating sophisticated vaping detectors, some that even have the capabilities to detect loud noises, which can be an indication of bullying, breaking glass, and other possible violent or anti-social behavior. New York’s Plainedge High School was … Continue reading
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