Napco products has the answer to your sunsetting device issues even if you don’t currently utilize Napco Products. Napco Starlink is your answer.

Alarm Installers or Dealers Add Verizon LTE Network to Your Security System to replace your sunsetting devices utilizing 3/4G or CDMA.  

Take advantage of cellular networks for reliable security transmissions with the Napco StarLink Sole Path Verizon LTE Intrusion Radio. This cellular transmitter module enables your connected security system to utilize Verizon's cellular network for secure, encrypted transmissions between your security system, your smart device, and your selected central monitoring station. The Radio is compatible with any security panels using Contact ID or 4/2 connections.

  • Dual Diversity Antenna – Precision LTE antennae design for maximum signal speed & range (M.I.S.O.), place unit up to 100 feet from the control panel for optimal performance
  • Patented Signal Boost™and Dual Diversity Antenna for maximum signal acquisition & null avoidance, receiving signals simultaneously on both antennae
  • Panel-Powered Technology™ enables a low 71mA current draw from a connected Alarm Panel
  • Report to any Central Station via cellular or IP networks with secure encrypted communications
  • My StarLink Remote On/Off Consumer App for Remote Arm/Disarm any panel brand w/ key switch input, with the option for email/text message notifications
  • Over-the-Air Upgradeable Firmware allows for critical/mandatory updates
  • The Radio Module can be installed and setup in four easy steps:
    • First, register your new StarLink radio module online
    • Next, mount the module up to 100 feet away from your alarm security panel and attach the antennas.
    • Wire the radio module to the alarm panel.
    • Then test for power and signal connections.

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