Fire Lite Training CS


FS-TOOLS is the Upload/Download software for Honeywells’ ES Series panels. After this class you will be able to upload panel programming to your laptop and download panel programming from your laptop to the ES Panels. We will navigate the entire tool and all options as well as discuss a strategy for developing and testing panel programming at your kitchen table, without the need to connect to a panel. FS-TOOLS is a factor of 10X faster than keypad programming. A good working knowledge of this tool will put money in your pocket in terms of the time spent programming.

The Trainer: Michael Breault is the New England Regional Territory Manger and former Firelite trainer of 7 years.

◉ Earn 2 Professional Development Hours to support your license & certification
◉ No cost to attend plus free grinders for dinner

Register early because there is limited seating and walk-ins are not guaranteed a seat.

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