Fire Product Engineered System Distributor Services

Security Supply has factory certified technicians for several premier fire alarm lines, including:

  • Advanced Fire Systems
  • Fire-Lite Alarms
  • Napco Fire
  • Silent Knight

These technicians are available, in our direct trading areas to contractors to perform system commissioning, testing, programming and troubleshooting.

Fire System Design & Product Application Services

Security Supply follows a “parts & smarts model” to serve contractors when it comes to their fire products offering. Beside simple product delivery you can use Security Supply for any of the following services on you fire system projects:

  • Full CAD service — This service can include site visit and creation of property / site drawings when they are not available.
  • Product Application Consulting Service — Security Supply fire system professionals can perform on site or overview when there is a question about which product may be correct for an application, providing alternatives or confirmations. From Beam Detectors to Gas Detectors to correct device placement we are here to help.
  • System Design — Fire system design by NICET certified professionals.
  • System Programming — Fire System programming by knowledgeable certified technical professionals.
  • System Testing / Commissioning — Security Supply can provide simple testing, confirming the system works and has been installed according to manufacturer specifications to complex complete system testing including intelligibility testing confiming manufacturer and engineer specifications have been met.


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