Plumbing pipes in the student bathrooms were being damaged from students disposing their vaping cartridges in the toilets resulting in high repair cost. Then, public health reports announced that vaping was the cause of many new health problems. Narragansett High School wanted to address these situations and were looking for a technology that would be easily operated by their personnel and accurately identify incidents of vaping in the bathroom.


Working closely with the facility manager, the Security Supply team had to determine how to best provide technology that is compliant with privacy-related law requirements for bathrooms (cameras not allowed), the technology can operate independently with the ability to be integrated into the school’s existing security system, easily operated, and accurately assist in identifying students vaping in the bathroom.


Security Supply determined that vape detectors with smart sensors integrated with an external camera system would be the appropriate technology for this project. Vape Detectors located inside the bathrooms due to its compliance with privacy-related law requirements for bathrooms. Vape detectors can also operate independently or be integrated into the school’s existing security system, are easily operated, and alert staff in real time when vaping incidents occur.


The Security Supply team working closely with the facility manager completed the project on time. The project was compliant with privacy-related law requirements for bathrooms and met the current needs of the school. The system went live on a Thursday evening and by the end of the following day, the school received fifteen (15) alerts from one (1) of the school’s eight (8) bathrooms. Eight (8) of these alerts were students vaping. The other seven (7) alerts were students tampering with the vape detectors or additional custom alerts. All resulting in a large maintenance cost reduction, safer/healthier student body and happy parents.

Security Supply Provided

  • Vape Detectors
  • CCTV Integration
  • General System Support and Programming

Products Installed

  • Vape Detector with Smart Sensors

Manufacturers Represented

  • Distributed by Security Supply
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