Behind the Scenes of NBC 10 News Report; School District Has New Plan to Combat Vaping by Tamara Sacharczyk of NBC 10 News


NORTON, MA — Security Supply provided system support to a local electrical and alarm company contracted to install vape detectors in a Norton, MA public school. This install was mentioned during a NBC 10 News report covering the dangers of vaping and how the Norton Public School district has a plan to combat vaping. Part of the district's plan is to use vape detectors.


After the vape detectors were installed, an evaluation of the individual vape detectors along with how they were integrated into the school's existing system needed to be tested. This meant the vape detectors were activated and live. Within seconds, we received messages from the system indicating that the vape detectors and system integration were working properly. We were glad this project was moving along as intended. Within the first minute of the vape detectors being activated, another alert signaled the system that was not part of our test. This alert was unexpected to all of us as our minds were in test mode. However, the vape detectors were live and working properly. We quickly realized this was not a test. The vape detectors were detecting vaping taking place in the school’s bathroom and alerting the system. The school’s staff quickly investigated the alert and identified which students were vaping in the school’s bathroom.Instead of punishing students, the Norton Public School system has other solutions for combating vaping. You can learn more about this by viewing NBC 10 News report; School District Has New Plan to Combat Vaping by Tamara Sacharczyk of NBC 10 News. CLICK HEREA week after this incident, students were aware that vape detectors were installed in the school’s bathroom. Students have tried to stop the vape detectors from working by putting shower caps over them. The reason this didn’t work for the students is because these devices are tamper sensitive and alert the system if touched or in this case if things are placed over them. These devices have sensitivity adjustments that can be modified to fit the needs of customers.For more information about vape detectors and system support, contact Security Supply.

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