Door King

Space Age was founded and named for a time when Americans achieved the impossible.

We built our small business with the same qualities that led mankind to the moon: ethics, loyalty, and hard work. Passed down from generation to generation, we have never lost these deep-rooted founding values. Decades of practice has bred knowledge; a powerful tool that has built a team fueled by passion and enthusiasm to overcome every obstacle in our path. The true measure of our team is unity. Through hard work, perseverance, and lifelong bonds, our common goals are always within reach. These goals bring wisdom, and this wisdom guides our instincts. It guides our focus. It guides not only the thrill of a challenge, but the pride of every success.

They drive success through creative solutions and innovation. They inspire the courage and drive to make dreams into reality. With passion in our hands, distance will have no limit and evolution no end.

Space Age products serve the fire alarm industry including smoke control, annunciators, document storage, test switches, delays and many other innovating products…

The experts at Security Supply are your source for all Space Age Technology products. Contact Security Supply with any questions on your Space Age Technology needs.

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